Bebe Cool Sues Bukedde

Star Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has threatened to sue Bukedde newspaper. The singer is furious following the luganda dailies’ lead story in which they claimed the Ndisa Buti singer had lost his dreadlocks in a brawl. The paper claimed Bebe while at Sophie Nantogo’s concert in Kasangati, is alleged to have got into a fight with bouncers at the event as he demanded payment for money. However the bouncers are said to have overpowered him and cut off his dreadlocks. Now the singer wants to sue for defamation. And like in true Bebe Cool style, he referred to the paper to

donkies. He wrote on his wall: “ I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A CHANCE TO SUE BUKEDDE COZ OF THE WAY THEY HAVE BEEN DEFAMING ME FOR SOME PERSONAL REASONS AND HERE IT IS.I WAS AT A WEDDING YESTO IN EBZ AS A BEST MAN BUT THESE DONKIES HAVE WRITTEN IN TOMOROWS PAPPERS (Monday) THAT I FOUT AND BOUNCERS CUT MA HAIR OFF, THEY WILL HAVE TO PROVE THIS IN COURT.MBALINA ATE MUKULEMELAKO NDI MUKAMBWE NYOOOOOOO.” This is not the first time the Gagamel boss is threatening to sue or suing a media outlet. Last year he sued Red Pepper, a local tabloid after they published nude pictures of his wife Zuena Kirema. However the two parties solved their issues out of court.


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