Chameleone In Luzira Prison

Troubled star Jose Chameleone has been a regular at Luzira prison for the last two weeks. Reason? Visiting convicted pal Meddie Sentongo. But interestingly this comes just when police confirmed that the singer has a case to answer in relation to the death of Robert
Karamagi from his Seguku home, a few weeks back.

According to our police sources, Chameleone could be charged with murder. Xclusive UG has learnt that lately,

the superstar has been Meddie’s visitor almost on a daily basis. And interestingly he is allowed access anytime he goes there. A source reveals that the singer always drives in city mystery tycoon Sulaiman Mbuga Hummer vehicle whenever he is visiting.
“Chameleone has developed fondness for Luzira lately, it is quite unbelievable. He always spends hours with Meddie while they chat
intimately,” our source said.  For example on Monday, the pair spent four hours together alone. During his heydays, Meddie donated a posh BMW to Chameleone. The pair had developed a friendly chemistry.


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