President Barack Obama kisses his wife Michelle Obama at the Commander-in-Chief Ball in Washington

It’s not exactly the Red Carpet ceremony, but the President’s second-term inauguration that had an unmistakable Hollywood feel.

Beyonce and Jay-Z led the way as the stars turned out in force to support President Barack Obama at his inauguration on Monday.

High-profile Obama supporters actress Eva Longoria, left, and Jay-Z and Beyonce, right, arrive at the swearing in ceremony2

A loud cheer welcomed the 31-year-old singer and her rapper husband as they made a grand entrance at the ceremonial swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. The pair both wore grey and had matching fur coats for the occasion and stopped to chat with Rev. Al Sharpton.

Beyonce sings the U.S. National Anthem

After watching Obama’s second inauguration, Beyonce stepped onto the podium herself to belt out The Star Spangled Banner. With huge emeralds glinting on her ears, and her finger, the beauty looked moved as she gave a passionate performance. She had earlier shared snaps of her rehearsals
on Instagram.  The singer has long been one of the President’s most high profile supporters. She wrote a letter of praise for him ahead of
last November’s US presidential election, in which she credited him with inspiring the future generation, including her own daughter. She
wrote: ‘Every day we see your heart and character, inspiring us to give more of ourselves. You are the leader to take us from where we
are to where we need to be. ‘You are the reason my daughter and nephew will grow up knowing that they can truly be ANYTHING they want to be.
‘All my respect and adoration, Beyonce.’ Joining Beyonce at the state event was felow singer Kelly Clarkson, who tweeted a picture of the pair together. ‘Me and B just hangin’ out ….don’t worry about it,’ she wrote.

Kelly Clarkson sings My Country 'Tis of Thee during swearing-in ceremonies

‘Seriously, God did good. She is so beautiful!’ Kelly once said she was a fan of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, but
she says she voted for Obama twice. ‘I think it’s going to be the coolest thing ever to look back with my grandkids and go: “I was a
part of that and I’m proud of that. I’m not ashamed of

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that,”‘ Clarkson said in a recent interview. Kelly performed My Country ‘Tis
Of Thee at Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s swearing in ceremony after Obama took the oath of office.

STARS SHINE AT OBAMA'S INAUGURATION - Alicia Keys Performs At the Inauguration Ball In Front Of Tens Of Thousands

UK viewers may have found the song familiar – it is set to the British national anthem God Save The Queen. ‘We came up with a really cool arrangement for it and I really love the lyrics,’ Kelly said. Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Mana, Usher and Brad Paisley will later take to the stage at the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball. Chris Cornell, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and Anthony will also perform.

High-profile Obama supporters actress Eva Longoria, left, and Jay-Z and Beyonce, right, arrive at the swearing in ceremony

Actress Eva Longoria was seated on the platform outside the Capitol, sharing a picture of her insiders view
on Twitter.

John Legend and girlfriend Chrissy Teigen at the Inauguration Ceremony

Also seated in the crowd were long-term Obama supporter, the singer Katy Perry, wearing an orange coat, and her boyfriend John
Mayer. And former Boston Celtics great Bill Russell was in the crowd, too. Celebrities have been a big part of Obama’s strategy to attract
voters. Bruce Springsteen is a regular supporter, as is Perry, Lena Dunham, Scarlett Johansson, Jay-Z and dozens of others.

Singer Jamie Foxx performs during the during the Commander-In-Chief's Inaugural Ball

While not all of Obama’s star supporters could be present at the inauguratiuon, there were plenty of stirring tributes posted on Twitter.

Singer and Obama supporter Beyonce is greeted by the president after her performance

Alicia Keys wrote: ‘What a powerful day!! May we all take these powerful strides and continue moving forward!! Blessings!! ‘ Khloe Kardashian agreed: ‘Been up early watching the Inauguration #MLK #PresidentObama.’ Olivia Wilde agreed: ‘I sincerely hope it was Mimosa Monday at the WH today. ‘I would be s****ing myself anyway, but still, a bubbly beta blocker is in order.’

First lady Michelle Obama greets singer Beyonce after she performs the National Anthem
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