Shumuk Group of Companies Mukesh Shukla and businessman/consul Boney Katatumba have been feuding for over five years. Shukla was detained and released on bond yesterday over allegations of attempted murder of Katatumba. According to our Xclusive UG sources, Shukla and Katatumba have been at loggerheads for over five years.
Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Ibin Senkumbi confirmed his arrest and his that his detention was normal because his file had already been sanctioned by DPP who allowed them to arrest him
According to the reliable source established that Shukla last week snubbed court summons by not appearing to at the court to hear the case and he didn’t give the court a reason. Shukla he is accused alongside his accountant one Wandera Hassan on the matter that they conspired in January 2012 to kill businessman Boney Katatumba. While appearing before the Chief Magistrate Court in Makindye before magistrate Esther Nambayo, Shukla was read the two cases of conspiracy to commit a felony under penal code act 208 and the second charge criminal trespass under act 302. But he denied the charges and reported that he does not know Hassan Wandera, his co accused.
Katatumba was represented by Tusirwe and Company Advocates.

How Their Biff Started
The rivalry between the two businessmen started in June 2008 when Katatumba entered into a deal to lease his gist property, Black Lines House on Colville Street to Shukla Mukesh of SHUMUK Group of Companies.
In 2008 Katatumba agreed to lease his Katatumba Suites property to Mukesh for 99 years at cost of $5million. Katatumba gave Shukla a list of creditors

that he was supposed to pay with effect. The creditors included Crane Bank which was to receive Us $2, 450, 000, Virani company Us$750000,Harish Us$ 750000,Tecton $200000, Lule and Co $400000,Centenary Bank $100000, Arvid Patel$500000, Ben Kavuya $200000 and lawyer Charles Odere $200000, all totaling to around US $5million.
However in October Shukla failed to pay and approached Katatumba asking to withdraw. He later made an offer of $4 million which Katatumba accepted to effect a new agreement and accepted to continue paying all the debtors as the old agreement stated.
In a new agreement Katatumba gave Shukla the land title of his Hotel Diplomate as the guarantor which he used to secure a bank loan of $4 million from an unnamed bank. Katatumba revealed that the pair agreed on an interest before he handed over his land title. The interest was that Shukla would revamp the hotel to an international standard. However later, the two signed an agreement of sale with Shukla supposed to pay Katatumba $6.3m.
According to Katatumba, Shukla managed to pay only US $3.3million and on May 20 2009, Katatumba took the matter to High Court. Judge justice Lamech Mukasa ruled that Shukla was required to pay the balance. Katatumba claimed that Shukla managed to get the land title of Hotel Diplomate after befriending him. Katatumba told Xclusive UG: “On my 60 birthday I even told my children that if am not around, Shukla would be the only person to rely on but its shame that he had turned up to be the biggest snake that I have never seen in my life.”
Katatumba alleges that Shukla has been trying to bump him off after failing to snatch his property.


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