Bebe Cool won’t like this! Gagamel Crew member Rema Namakula has moved in with rival Eddy Kenzo as husband and wife. In November last year, Rema abandoned her hostel in Kyambongo and joined Big Talent president Kenzo at his rented pad in Buziga.


The pair have  been having an affair for over seven months now, something that did not go down well with Bebe Cool.

Our reliable sources reveal that since she moved in last November, Rema and Kenzo have even discussed trying for a baby. “Kenzo loves Rema and Rema loves him

back. They have discussed a baby but only inconclusively.

Eddy Kenzo

They know many people don’t want them to be together but they are determined to make this (relationship) work out,” our source told us. Meanwhile Bebe Cool, who is Rema’s boss and was at one time rumored to have had a fling with her, is not aware that she abandoned her hostel for Kenzo’s bed.

Bebe and zuena

Last year Bebe attacked Kenzo in London and warned him off Rema. Watch this space!


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