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WE often hear that the golden age of Hollywood action stars is over. In the Eighties and Nineties, big-screen hunks ARNOLD  SCHWARZENEGGER, SYLVESTER STALLONE and BRUCE WILLIS smashed movie bad guys and box-office records with similar ease. And all three muscle-bound leading men are still going strong. Arnie recently returned to his action roots in The Last Stand, Sly
plays a brutal hitman in his new flick Bullet To The Head and Bruce is back as tough New York cop John McClane in A Good Day To Die Hard. The fact the trio continue to drag their creaking bodies through the pain of these gruelling roles has left some movie experts  asking why a new generation of action heroes has not stepped up to take their place.

But Bruce — currently promoting the fifth instalment of the Die Hard franchise in Los Angeles — has crushed any criticism of the new
generation in his trademark, no-nonsense style. And he claimed the ageing action kings’ heirs are all made in Britain. The screen icon insisted: “I think there are new action stars — I think JASON STATHAM is one. He’s really good. “And DANIEL CRAIG is a pretty tough guy.

He reinvented that

whole genre. He made me start watching James Bond movies again. He’s great. “It takes a while to become a guy that is as mythical as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s done a lot of things. “He was the Governor of California — that was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen.” I have to say Bruce has a point. And given the size of the fellas in question, it would be foolish to
suggest otherwise.
Just when Bond looked in trouble, Daniel has given it a new lease of life and the franchise is in great shape in its 50th year. And Jason does not get the credit he deserves from movie critics — especially those in Britain who should be proud of one of the UK’s most successful film exports.

By starring in dozens of hit movies, including Crank, Transporter 3 and The Expendables, he has made more than £20million and cemented his place in the Hollywood A-list. Yet it is rumoured that Twilight wimp ROBERT PATTINSON will be preferred as the next James Bond when Daniel hangs up his gadgets. And many in the UK seem not to grasp the scale of Jason’s success across the pond — and still think his greatest achievement is dating KELLY BROOK.
That must make his blood boil.

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