2013 Music Wishlist


The sound of 2012 was notably infused with anthemic releases from Mumford & Sons, Taylor Swift, Muse, Lana Del Rey and Fun(.). It was also another year ruled by Adele, who didn’t release a new LP, but still clocked in with the bestselling album of the year for 21.

But could anyone have predicted the viral breakouts of Psy and Carly Rae Jepsen? Were you surprised to see a reincarnation of the Backstreet Boys vs. N’Sync boy band battle in The Wanted vs. One Direction? As with any wishlist, there are the bankable favourites you know will deliver, and the unwelcome shockers that blindside the charts. We can’t always get what we want, but there’s no harm in asking…




A$AP Rocky was arguably the most hyped rapper of 2012, having landed a lucrative $3 million record deal, an opening spot on Drake’s Club Paradise Tour and a place on the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll, all on the strength of a couple of viral videos. He released two mixtapes – Live. Love. A$AP and a collaborative work with his A$AP Mob, Lords Never Worry – but still, no debut studio album has been put forth by the Mob’s ringleader. Until now. After being pushed back a dozen or so time, Long. Live. A$AP is slated for a January 15 release, which brings us to our first wish: We’ve waited so long for the album, please let it live up to the hype and solidify the A$AP phenomenon as a real sustainable rap thing.




Madonna emerged as Billboard’s 2012 MVP, but it was her feuding frenemy Lady Gaga who secured their award for the Most Anticipated Album of 2013 for Artpop. And it’s not hard to see why. Living up to her typically ambitious self, Mother Monster’s new Artpop will be a ‘multimedia experience,’ released with an iPad app and possibly split into two volumes. She’s apparently written ‘like 50 songs’ for the impending release, which will consist of a radio-friendly volume and an experimental volume, released six months apart. She’s not quite sure which tracks will ultimately rise to the top, but our bets are on the rumoured ‘Telephone’ sequel.




Once upon a song, in the late ’90s and early ’00s, Missy Elliott and Timbaland joined forces to make some gloriously weird and innovative pop music. Then Timbaland met Timberlake, Justin that is, and they were the new hot couple everyone wanted at their dinner parties. Be that as it may, the last time we “Come Dined” with the two Timbas was in 2009, with the release of Shock Value II, and we’d be lying

if we said we weren’t looking for a third course. Shock Value III has been a long-time coming, and is still yet to lock down an official release date, but the sweet dessert is surely worth the wait as it promises long-awaited collaborations with Missy Elliott — as we heard in his Timbo Thursdays affair — and new music from Justin Timberlake, as confirmed, nay pledged, by the man himself.




We’ve heard the buzz from the Bey-hive and seen the photos of her sitting in a recording studio, meaning that 2013 is almost certain to produce a new album from Beyoncé. Ne-yo has confirmed his partial involvement in the project, revealing his hopes to roll out another ‘Irreplaceable’ to the left, to the left, while frequent collaborator The-Dream told Billboard that Queen Bey will ‘definitely’ release new material before her Super Bowl halftime show performance on February 3. From then on we’ll get steady doses of honey as Beyoncé will debut her own feature-length documentary on HBO and star as Queen Tara in the CGI animated film Epic. Do you think you’re ready for all this royal jelly?




We’ve heard plenty of snippets from Will.i.am’s Twitter friendly album #willpower – which includes music hookups with Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Eva Simons, Redfoo and Nicole Scherzinger, as well as the roboto-pop banger ‘Scream & Shout’ with Britney Spears – but after spouting tidal leaks and experiencing relentless push-backs, we’re hoping to get the full release in 2013. Notwithstanding ‘Scream & Shout’s’ iTunes’ sales, for all his chart-conquering as Chief Bean of the Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am’s solo career has been curiously lacking in commercial success. On that bum note, we’ve got a feeling that 2013’s gonna be a good year, that 2013’s gonna be a good good year for him.




‘Gangnam Style,’ A$AP Rocky, Walk off the Earth, ‘Call Me Maybe’ and of course the Cookie Monster’s ‘Share It Maybe.’ 2012 has undoubtedly been the year of the viral video and, even though we now run screaming from those immortal words ‘Hey, I just met you,’ aren’t viral breakouts a good thing? As much as we love the charts being influenced by radio spins and reality singing contests, the interweb is the place for the people, where we decide what we want to hear at the click of the button and can stick it to the man/Simon Cowell as we see fit — remember the Rage Against the Machine campaign for Christmas number one? We wish for this trend to continue through 2013 because we, the people, like to be in control and make a star out of a frog sitting like a human.


Source: e Magazine


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