Kyagulanyi and his wife Jalia

I will never leave Silver for another man as all men are the same, this is what Jalia Namazzi, wife to singer Silver Kyagulanyi’s tells Xclusive UG when we pose the big question if she is still with the singer.

For some time now, silky voiced Silver has been linked to a series of ladies including singer Priska Mikami and most recently actress Clare Nakagere.  It was recently claimed that Jalia – who has been married to the Tebalemwa Amaka singer since July 2007- had thrown in the towel and hooked a UK based Ugandan nkuba kyeyo only identified as Eria.

She denied the split telling us: “Me and Silver are still together and no man shall separate us apart from God who put as together. (Katonda kyagase awamu tewali alikyawula) mbadde mbasaba this is a new year and it should be a new chapter.”  She also revealed that it is women who have been

after her hubby that are trying to disorganize her marriage.

She added: “Whoever is giving false information alina kyanonya and he/she won’t get the best out of it. If it’s a woman who might be interested in Silver, please let her go and talk to him nicely about it instead of saying what she doesn’t know.

If it’s a man and his intentions are get a piece of me, aswade kubanga I will never leave my man for another man as all men are the same (oyinza okupapa okuva muntamu ate nogwa mukyoto). “I know there are many out there who are very happily waiting for us to  separate but I am sorry to say that it will never happen. So please let people keep our family out if their issues.”  On Eria, Jalia said: “I have never heard or seen any Eria in my life before. So I dont know where that
information came from. People have tried their best to spoil my name in anyway but trust me God will show people the truth.”


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