Clearly Zambian singer Mampi does not know Bobi Wine and is certainly not aware of her collaboration song with him. For weeks, a  song ‘featuring’ Bobi Wine and Mampi- titled Mawanvu ne Mampi (Why remix)- has been hot on most playlists in Uganda.

Bobi’s camp has been claiming that the remix is an official release from Bobi and Zambian Mampi. However this is not true. While at Entebbe Airport today morning after the arrival of Mampi, it could clearly be seen that Mampi did not at all know who Bobi Wine was.

Bobi arrived at the airport minutes before the show promoters but

it was not until promoter Musa Kavuma arrived and introduced the pair.   In fact he arranged for Bobi to drive Mampi in his escalade vehicle to Kampala.

Now Xclusive UG can confirm the sole reason Why remix song was just mastered and concocted at Bobi’s Fire Records by producer Tony Houls. Meanwhile Mampi received VIP treatment befitting an international superstar.

A convoy of 14 cars led by a police patrol car, a police bike and 10 motorbikes led her to Hotel Africana as hundreds lined the highway to welcome her. She later admitted that she has never got such a welcome before.

Her press conference will be held tomorrow at Africana. Concert tickets afre already on sell at the hotel and Hardware Word in Ntinda.


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