henry tigan

Singer Henry Tigan is almost dead musically after going AWOL from the music industry. Tigan’s fans are so worried and wondering what is
wrong with him since he has spent lots of months in oblivion.

However, insiders at Firebase Crew in Bukoto reveal that Tigan is a frustrated boy sleeping in a muzigo in areas of Kulambiro

or Kawempe, after being failed by the president of the singing group.

According to Tigan’s pals, there is a tendency for the Firebase boss to frustrate  upcoming artistes which is the reason why singers like Lwasama Omujanka, Phantom Lovins, Buchaman, Toolman and others broke away from the group.

Sources reveal that however, the moment Tigan and Nubian Lee opted to remain at the Firebase; everyone knew their fate was sealed. His new song Boom Boom is below average.


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