British singer Adele was recently rejected by South African tycoon Vivian Imerman after she demanded £2.5 million to perform at his daughter’s wedding, as adapted from the Daily Star newspaper reports.

For just 25 minutes, Adele insisted that she be paid the massive sum, which equates to £100,000 per minute, or even better in South African terms, R23,324 per second.

A source told the newspaper about Imerman’s plan to have a star performer at his daughter Megan’s special day: “Vivian is planning a lavish wedding. He paid Amy Winehouse thousands to perform at his eldest daughter Bianca’s wedding three years ago. He hoped to do the same again with Adele.

“He was surprised when he was told she’d cost £2.5m. Despite his bulging bank balance, even he thought it was too expensive and is looking at other artists.”

So what now for the businessman? Who could he possibly get in place of Adele?

Here we take a look at some other possible artists and what they charge for a single performance, according to website imod. You are likely to find your jaw involuntarily drop…


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