City glamour gals Linda Lisa Mukasa and Macree Mudondo have reignited their biff after the former (Lisa) gave birth to a top city businessman’s kid. The pair share the tycoon’s love. A few weeks back Linda Lisa dropped a baby boy
Donnel Larris. Though she has never publicly come out to announce who the father of her kid is, a highly placed source told Xclusive UG about the tycoon.

Announcing Donnel’s birth, Linda wrote: “Thank you Lord for honoring my prayers..Thanks to d few real friends that have stood by me all thru…thanx to u fb fam for d prayers…Thx to d doctors…Thanx to my family.” Linda did not leave out the man responsible for the pregnancy who she says was by her side throughout the nine months. “As for Mr Happiness, am

speechless..u’ve stood by mi all thru n trust mi, d sky is d limit for our love.

Lindah Lisa

Our bundle ov joy came out at 3.2kg, I delivered normally with no stitch..amazing.” Xclusive UG can confidently reveal that this is the same man who fathered Macree’s baby a few years ago. And this development of Lisa giving birth to the tycoon’s husband has not gone down well with Macree, like it would have happened with any woman anyway.  The pair first clashed eleven months ago when it  emerged that Club Silk PRO Linda Lisa was dating the tycoon secretly. However their biff waned when nothing substantial proved Lisa’s affair with Macree loaded fella. However the biff was reignited around three weeks ago when she gave birth.
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