Rivals Bebe Cool, Chameleone Agree To Battle In Music Concert

Rivals Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone are set to battle it out in the latest music concert dubbed Battle of the Champions.

Sadly for Ugandan based fans, this battle pitting arguably Uganda’s best pop musicians of all time will take place in Pretoria South Africa on 5th October. The event- organized by Katsha Entertainment- will be emceed by Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats. Xclusive UG understands that both musicians have already confirmed attendance. The two musicians do not see eye to eye currently.

Their biff was ignited just recently when a media house ranked Chameleone as

Africa’s top richest musician. A furious Bebe Cool rushed to facebook and rubbished the claims. He has since released a song titled Cocodiosis in which he attacks Leone Island boss Chameleone. Over the years both Chameleone and Bebe have been right on top of Uganda’s music industry with each churning out album after album.

Bebe’s albums include Baffude, Kus Kus, Minzani, Awete, Kabiranage, Sente, Fire Anthem among others. Chameloene on the other hand has ageya (2000), Mama Mia (2001), Njo Karibu (2002), The Golden Voice (2003), Mambo Bado (2004), Kipepeo (2005), Shida za Dunia (2006), Sivyo Ndivyo (2007) Katupakase (2007), Bayuda (2008–2009), Vumilia (2009–2010), Basiima Ogenze (2010-2011, Mukisa Gwo (2011-2012), Valu Valu (2012-2013) and now Badilisha (2013-).

It promises to be an interesting night…


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