Jailed Iryn Namubiru’s representatives blame a Japan based Ugandan one Kim for the singer’s woes. Iryn’s cousin former singer Yvette Seguya has spoken for the first time, sending this report to Xclusive UG. Here is the full message;


Irene arrest is all speculations until we hear from Irene Namubiru Morel herself. The manager Thadeus Mubiru deals with whoever wants to do business with Irene ‘Iryn’ Morel. A guy called Kim, a munyankole in Japan also a well known mufere in Kampala who claims he imports cars, contacted the manager told him about a show he was planning in Japan. Truth is there was no show in Japan though they made the poster….. When Iryn was about to travel Kim asked her to

bring him some matooke en posho which Kim’s family delivered to Iryn …..Am very sure the manager knows Kim’s family in Uganda. We need answers because we have been trying to contact Kim but all in vain. He seems to have left Japan and on his way back to Uganda. We have contacted the French embassy in Japan as soon as we have any response we will let you know but for now we need prayers and for those who think Iryn is that kind of chick then u don’t know her she would die before she did anything illegal she is that straight Irene desperately needs our prayers now isn’t the time for judging her lets just pray for her…. Now I know what it feels like when a mother loses a child coz that’s exactly how I feel.”



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