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Vegetarian and singer Angella Katatumba moved out of her 8 year marriage to  American marine soldier Ward Alonzo. She claims her marriage fell apart when Alonzo became ‘very insecure and violent’ because she had a big job and had taken over all the responsibilities like buying him clothes including boxers, footing house bills and food. “I think he had inferiority complex seeing a woman with more than him,” Angella said in an interview recently.

They later divorced in 2008 and Angella says she healed the love wounds, liberated herself and decided to pursue her music career. She has since released songs about love and nature the latest being ‘so close’ which she says dedicated it to her lover who we are yet to
know. Angella since 2008 has dated a couple of men including politicians, lawyers, bar owners and fellow singers, but shockingly no  one has asked her for a hand in marriage.Today Xclusive UG unleashes 100 reasons why the daughter of Pakistan Consul Bonny  Katatumba will never get married.
Past Experience
If you get a chance and interact with her about her previous experience in marriage she will shed tears before revealing how it’s ‘horrible and a tragedy’. She was traumatized and up to now she perceives every man in Alonzo’s image (her tormentor), a thing that turns off her urge for marriage.

High Profile Men
Besides her horrible experience, Angella loves men of high caliber, like politicians, diplomats and others. Surprisingly diplomats and politicians here in Uganda are aged with families and not ready to break up for her. This explains why her relationship with minister  Henry Banyenzaki and MP Ebil Fred collapsed.

Love For Money
One of the above (names withheld) two men whom we talked expressed his shock in which Angella mints and

craves for money. This  man told us that he couldn’t handle her extravagant life, “The girl is a big spender. She is materialistic,” the man said.

Parent’s Influence
Besides dime, her parents have contributed 60% of her failed marriage. Her dad entrusted her with all business and is not ready to let her go because he has no one to talk care of. This explains why her brother Lugirwa has no say on his dad’s string of business despite he is a man.

Traditionally when a girl clocks 22, she starts searching for life lover. Though she did it once, age has gradually ripped her apart. In fact she is perceived as a single mum though not.

Well Off
She is well off and most of the time reaches demands by herself, courtesy of her father’s dime. And the fact is when a gal is rich, she  most of the time undermines men.

Life Style
Angella lives a life style of a superstar (celeb) she goes out at any time she wants till wee hours of morning. She wags tongues with every man when tipsy and is answerable to none. This becomes difficult if is committed to marriage.

Ugandans are sometimes compelled to say that she is barren, looking at her 8 years in marriage without a kid propels us to think  otherwise.

A few who have had a chat with her, become overwhelmed of her ambitions. She says she wants to be rich amass more money and  become popular. This explains why every time she is heard talking about business.

Ugandan Men
Finding a marriage material man in this land is a hard nut to crack. If you don’t land on a lousy one, you will get a Casanova, if not ‘a fling’ one or a thug who only wants to sleep with you and the rest is history. If not the above then he is either married or too busy for  marriage.


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