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Readers what is the dream of every woman?

To get married have kids and live a settled life. Unfortunately kids have never been in Katatumba’s vocabulary.

This daughter of Pakistan Consulate Bonny Katatumba was recently overheard narrating to a friend that, “kids are not in my plans, I want to first amass wealth, before having kids”. Her statement leaves one wondering what kind of wealth she wants; besides what she owns already.

Remember her filthy rich dad entrusted her with Katatumba Empire which she controls with finger tips. The empire boosts of chains of business ranging from hotels, to estates, travel  companies and others.


The Supernatural gal icon lives a delusion extravagant life, of shopping abroad, flying different countries, gulping expensive bottles. She supports her norms saying “I party like a rock star”. But observers have put to her for how long will this ‘rock star life’ go on?

Libido: A few of the prominent men that have had mind boggling sexual acts with Angella but requested to be anonymous. All said that, Angella’s libido will land her in hot soup, it’s the reason most of her relationships have broken up hastily.

Love for Publicity: which is not bad any way, but we think even in marriage Angella Katatumba would invite the media to cover her while in ‘labour room’.

So Relaxed

So Relaxed

We Next Week brace yourself for part 3


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