BREAKING…Woman Attacks Sematimba, Demands Marriage He Promised Her

An unnamed woman a few days ago attacked former city mayoral aspirant and Pastor Peter Sematimba at his home in Rubaga demanding to get married to him.

The big size woman, who for over two years has been a regular and sometimes an overnight guest of the famous pastor and Super FM boss, claimed she can no longer listen to false promises. On the fateful day,

she stormed his Rubaga residence shouting at the top of her voice with over five suitcases of her personal belongings. Several neighbors came out to watch what was like a scene in a Kinigeria movie.

The local LC chairman came and rescued Sematimba by chasing away the woman. Sematimba who is married in the US has been linked to socialite Pherrie Kimbugwe and singer Rhema and scores of city belles. His marriage is rumored to have collapsed.

More details to follow…




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