For Sometime now, Daniel Omara aka Odoch and MC Kapale have performed regularly at Laftaz Comedy Night, a show that directly rivals The Krackers show at Labonita, yet they have been AWOL at Labonita. Obviously the Krackers Management was not comfortable though they were powerless to stop the two. However Patrick Idringi, the leader at Labonita, got irked whenever he woud call Omara to Labonita and he would feign sickness or claim to be busy, sometimes.

Salvado attacked Omara face to face and Omara told him, ‘Boss, I quit your group long ago the day you turned it into a luganda show with dowttown comedians, attracting a downtown audience which wasn’t appreciating my jokes.” Prince Ehmah, welcomed this news with open arms and welcomed Omara to Laftaz for a performance. Omara ‘nailed’ it and Prince Ehmah, the MC of the show went on stage and said, “This is surely where Omara belongs.” He was later seen discussing with Omara for long. Omara returned the next Tuesday, then skipped one before coming back.

Omara feels he has found his roots again and feels rejuvenated at Laftaz. Daniel Omara now has hit out at his former boss, Patrick Salvado. He was overheard at

Laftaz complaining that Salvado had lost creativity and thus started using his (Omara’s) jokes outside Labonita. Omara, who is now close with Prince Ehmah even went ahead to post a quotation from Prince Ehmah on his wall ”Its okay to have a crappy show, as long as you died with your own material” @Prince Ehmah. Brilliant quote, makes me wish more comedians operated with such Honour. This was an indirect attack at Salvado and his Labonita crew known for using other comedian’s jokes. Omara is also angered by the fact that he was not included in the list of Ugandans to perfom alongside Basket Mouth yet he is widely regarded as an ‘international appealing comedian.”.

In another development, MC Kapale had a public ‘war’ with his boss Salvado on Wednesday just outside Labonita. It was reported in The Investigator and other tabloids that Kapale performed at Laftaz and sold CDs. This was his 5th performance in a space of eight weeks. Irked by media stories about Kapale performing at Laftaz, Salvado roared, “Naye musajja gwe, lwaki ogenda ku Laftaz. Onsobedde naawe.” In an angry one Kapale replied, “Gwe, Salvado nina abaana bendabirira, sisobola butanoonya sente. Ku Laftaz Prince Ehmah ansasulirawo naye gwe oda mu zi story mbu simanyi Theatre teyajudde.” Ekilala oli omusajja ayogera bulungi nebacomedian naye gwe oba weyita ani.” Salvado just lamented, “Eh Prince Ehmah, ono omuteeso agenda kunziza mu kyaalo walai.”