On 14th August last year (2012), curvy singer Desire Luzinda threw a birthday party at Club Amnesia. Friends ate, drunk and got merry. Then she announced that she had turned 25 years.

One year later Desire is again telling all and sundry that she will be celebrating her 25th day. She posted: “With my 25th birthday around the corner, just received gifts from lovely friends.” Now the question on everyone’s mind will be

why is the diva constantly ‘cutting’ her age to appear younger? “For God’s sake I was in the same class with Luzinda at university.

We graduated or rather were supposed to graduate in 2007. She can’t be 25. She is either 29 or more,” one of her OBs at Makerere University before she dropped out told Xclusive UG. Another one added: “Maybe because she has done nothing musically, since she celebrated her 25th birthday she has considered the year a dead one.” Desire completed her senior six in 2003.


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