There are things that annoy star Bebe Cool.

And this will without doubt be one of them. Singing rival Moze Radio has claimed that Bebe’s wife Zuena loves him and his music.

This came a few days after Gagamel president Bebe Cool branded the Good Lyfe Crew lucky upcoming artistes following their nomination in the BET awards. Weasle and Radio were heard taunting Bebe at Freedom City shopping mall when asked by one of their fans about the Kamwako singer’s comments.

A bitter Radio

said Bebe is just a sour loser who cannot believe Good Lyfe has achieved greater things in just six years yet he has been in the industry for over 15 years. Weasel also threw in a few jibes as he assured their fans that Bebe was scared of them because “We are sweeter than Kuku.”

For over years, it has been suggested that Zuena was at one time Moze Radio’s girlfriend when the two were still staying in Jinja.


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