Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has stopped Bobi Wine from naming his reality television show Omubanda Wa Kabaka.


Bobi is set to premiere the third season of his reality TV show soon but according to reliable sources the show will be names Ghetto President, and not the previous name Omubanda Wa Kabaka. It is not yet clear why Bobi was advised against using the name but source tells Xclusive UG that some of the Baganda elders were not comfortable with the name.

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A source tells us: “Yes Kabaka Mutebi really likes Bobi Wine.

But some elders who have a say are not comfortable with it. They know Bobi is a true and loyal muganda but he has enemies and he is actually not perfect. The elders wanted the show to be independent of the Kabaka.” Like the previous season’s Ghetto President reality show will be starring Bobi and his family just like Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood which used to air on E! Entertainment.

However previously Bobi’s reality show received criticism about lack of originality. Bobi insists he changed names out of will.


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