During star singer Jose Chameleone’s Valu Valu concert in 2012, attention seeking socialite Judith Heard was the star of the night when she staked a staggering $2,000 (around shs5.5 million) to buy just a fake Chameleone Chinese phone that was being launched. Even another showy socialite Zari Hassan who was in the crowd could not match her. That was just on a night out in 2012.

But over the years since JH- as she is also known among peers- hit the social scene or rather met her husband Alex Heard, a stinking rich American great grandfather, she has been splashing mullah. Those days she hit our dusty streets happening joints and splash dime like it was manna from heaven. The Flaunt Your Style fashion parties, the Arab Money at the Royal Ascot Goat Races, her royal parties at Misty Bar, the SUVs she used to cruise, the reserved booths at concerts and clubs to mention but a few. Well gone are those days. Judith Heard is now a shadow if her former self.

The extravagance is no more. It is not

clear why the pompous lifestyle is no more but one thing that is clear is that husband Alex Heard is either broke or he has suspended sponsoring Judith’s nights out. It has been suggested that his companies back in the States are not doing well financially. These days Judith can be seen sipping on lagers, a thing that was unheard of in the recent past. In March Judith turned 27. Back in the day massive party with top Kampala celebrities attending would have been organized. But this time she just dinner and a few drinks to celebrate.

No wonder at the Konshens and Alaine concert last week Judith Heard quietly, er, enjoyed the show with her pal and helper Judith with us the normal people after she received a pair of tickets from Fireworks Advertising Agency. Fireworks- the agency that handles headline sponsors Pepsi provided a pair of tickets for over 50 top socialites in Kampala. Back in the day Judith Heard would have a table reserved for her and her entourage (a really big one) in the VVIP section. But like already said, she had to get freebie tickets to access the venue.

Clearly something is not right…


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