Yesterday the two superstars spent the most of the day bitterly exchanging on their walls. Bebe started by posting: “Bebe Cool wrote: “I think I must again shade some LYT on this LITO topic of this small paper bukedde and their artist of their year kamilion.

let me assure u that my kokodiosis launch and tour has been sooooo successful without your input as bukedde tv or PAPPERS that kibalumye nyooo I did not advertise with u but all my concerts were full thanks to monitor group and other media houses that don’t fyt artists. KAKATI U FOOLS GOT UP AND ASHAMED YOUR ARTIST CHAMILIONE BY SHOWING THE NATION WHAT KIND OF MAN HE IS,ON FRIDAY 13,BUKKEDE FRONT PAGE PUT PICS NGA OMUYIMBI WABWE GWE BAWANA ASENGUKIDDE EWA SEZZALA WE,sinze NA bagamba okubikuba Kati mudide ensonyi muzifula obusungu.IN MBARARA,ON STAGE I ONLY READ THAT PAPPER FOR MY FUNZ AND THEY ALL BURST INTO LAUGHTER.FOR SURE BUKEDDE MUMPOWE NZE NDI BIG NYOOOOOO MUMALA BUDDE BWAMWE,LWAKI MUNINGILIZA, THAT MEANS U CAN’T DO WITHOUT ME SO MUKILIZE NTI YO WEAK.sorrry mwe mwaswaziza OMUYIMBI wamwe sinze,Kati yabanyigidde mwagala kunekwasa,WAMA KAMILION AGO AGABUKEDDE GAYAYE,JANGU EWANGE EKIWATULE NKUWEKO ENJU EMU OGILA OBELAMU.KOKODIOSIS FE TUKYAKOLA. GAGAMEL TING DIS.”

Chameleone replied by posting: ““It’s quite a tity to a comrade who up to now has failed to make a self analysis and discover that bad mouthing me doesn’t make him a wiser one except a fool. In everyone’s life lie challenges that we encounter to be better next day. That’s my way of understanding. That’s how the world revolves. Just a leaf of advice: I AM ME AND

CAN NEVER BE YOU and versa, so put your energy is what is important to you and your family coz I got mine too.

LEONE ISLAND TUGENDE TUKOLE.” Today morning Bebe was not done yet. He posted: “So suprising when pipo dont want u to say facts about thier artists but when its about bebecool,they faaaaaaas,now this is strictly for my fanz. Life is simple when u make it simple for your self.My neiba wakes up in the morning n marries in a chopper, claimz numb 6 africas richest artist and b4 the year ends,hes off to staying with father in law,now i kud have let the killing of karamaji pass koz i dint comment but this act of weakness of a man,i cant let it pass coz it has a negative impact on Buganda’s marriage morals, giving our kids confidence to do such an act of shame and weakness is sooooo wrong.

THIS IS AN ABOMINAAATIOOON!! U NID TO ORGANISE YO LIFE B4 U THINK OF ORGANISING WORDS OF the way,what happened to the arpartment(daniela villaz) the neiba bought in this same year?As i promist,i will never let artists lie to the pipo of uganda anymore than they have and put a very bad road for the upcoming.level gagamel say so.” But Chameleone has now decided to give Bebe Cool a cold shoulder and declined to involve himself anymore in the beef. He posted: “When a man drags you down, that simply means you are above them! It’s bigger pity again that my friend has resisted to take a leaf from my previous post. Honestly if my arranged words meant to send my comrade good advise didn’t work, it’s time I also say- TOMALIRA BUDDE!”


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