As one of the sexiest socialites in Uganda, when Zari Hassan had her birthday bash, she pulled out all the stops to turn heads. And the South African based Ugandan beauty drew attention to her thighs and cleavage in a dramatically low-cut white dress over the weekend.


It was her 33rd birthday and she certainly displayed all the maturity with a confident and stunning in the dress, which featured a low-cut neckline, dropped-waist and thigh revealing.


Zari wore a powerful

sexy look and she certainly had most of her pals (male) turning heads. The party kicked off with a cruise with guests enjoying free wines and spirits on the house or rather ride. Champagne was also in plenty. Meanwhile the socialite claims that a fake facebook account has been opened in her names.

She wrote: “Another fake zari account in the making as ‘zari lembe’ this person is currently asking people for financial help disguised as me, kindly ignore this person to avoid being reaped like one who reaped pple disguised as ‘Juliana konyomozi’. Kind regards!”



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