Singer Nince Henry should go and eat his chicken after getting out of jail in Dubai. Word reaching us has it that Nince Henry got involved in a scuffle with a Ugandan based sugar mum only identified as Darlyn.

Sources reveal that Darlyn and Nince Henry hooked up and did a secret deal which resulted into biff. Sources reveal that Darlyn accuses Nince for stealing her money worth $20000 which forced her to call police that picked Nince from his hotel room in Dubai.

However what is not clear is that what could be the source of the money or what type of deal it was. Sources reveal that Nince had

not gone to Dubai for performance but had solely travelled there to finalise the deal that was brought by this super dealer Dubai based sugar mom.

We have learnt that after Nince was arrested at the Hotel he was taken to the police station for interrogations and later was deported immediately to Uganda two days ago and he is likely not to ever step in Dubai for a specified time which we have not yet established. Sources reveal that this same Dubai based sugar mom has previously been close to Eddy Kenzo’s flamboyant stamina back up dancer Ronnie Stamina.

We hear Ronnie has been travelling to Dubai for secret deals with this same sugar mom and he nomally stays at her place for two to three months.


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