11 Bebe Cool and Zuena Kimera (The spy who loved me)

The two have gone through thick and thin but still strong as a couple they are blessed with Three Children. Every time Bebe cool is gushing about his wife Zuena and always moves with her wherever he is.

10. Charity Namnyak and Michael Carlo (Ghost)

While she’s a high flying top model who’s established her name in fashion, he’s the unknown side kick who’ll make an appearance once in awhile by her side. Clearly, Charity is not the type to kiss and tell or else she would be gushing about her European beau at every occasion. Instead, their relationship is just between the two. And that’s how it should be, anyway.

9. Prezzo and Joy Wanjohi (Love Actually)

After a nasty, public fall out with his former wife, Prezzo seemed destined for an endless stream of flings. Then along came Joy, whose poise and charm is just the right ingredients the hardcore rapper needs to clean up his image.

8. Wahu and Nameless (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

For all the rumoured marital wrangles showbiz’s most famous couple are known for, they do a great job at selling the picket fence, married bliss dream to their fans . No one actually knows what goes on behind those closed doors, and there may be a few cryptic messages here and there (Still a Liar?) but we’ll hang on to this fairytale for as long as we can.

7. Bobi Wine and Barbara Itungo (At last)

Perhaps Uganda’s most beloved couple, these two have stood by each other for a long time, carefully navigating the pitfalls of gossip rumour mills and tabloid’s many traps to find love at the end of the tunnel….

6. Nyambane and Linda Muthama (Cleopatra and Marc Anthony)

News of

these two being an item was a shocker, mostly because of how it was made public (during a radio interview) and also the circumstances ( Nyambane had a family). But despite the dropped jaws and backlash, Nyambane and Linda have stood their ground and forced the rest of us to simply get over it.

5. Kambua and Pst Jackson Mathu (When Harry met Sally)

Gospel music’s poster girl finally tied the knot with a clean record; Not a trace of a scandal to be seen anywhere. Clearly, this songstress met her Harry while we were busy trying to figure out who the Bobby Brown in her life was.

4. Robert “Rkay” Kamanzi and Susanne (Beauty and the geek)

While he’s the creative genius behind many hit songs, she’s the bombshell we frankly never saw standing by his side. They say opposites do attract, now we believe it.

3. Nick Mutuma and Bridgitte Shighadi (Bonnie and Clyde)

Teen heartthrob Nick’s relationship with Bridgitte is not a secret. But their unwillingness to share its details simply fuels our own hunger for information and rumours, turning the whole thing into a never ending hide and seeks.

2. Eric Wainaina and Sheba Hirst (Bill and Hillary)

The tabloids may have gone amok with Eric fathering a love child over a year ago, and it appeared such a public humiliation could only break this couple apart. But Eric and Sheba re-emerged stronger and deeper in love. The whole saga may have played out like a scripted soap opera, but like every telenovela, it still had its happy ending.

1. Alex Konstantaras and Lizz Njagah (The Bodyguard)

She’s a famous screen starlet and he’s a big time movie producer guiding her career. But wait, Liz needs no guidance on how to walk unto a movie set. However, Alex and she make such great work companions we’re not sure what came first, business or pleasure?


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