It was always going to be short lived!

The marriage between gorgeous Toro princess Ruth Nsemeire Komuntale and African American Christopher Thomas is over. Clearly these two were never in love. Thomas married Komuntale because he knew she was a princess; therefore money. Komuntale married Thomas because she and her mom thought all Americans have money.

In all it was a money thing. And the pair have split because they have finally realized they are both broke. Or rather poor. On Tuesday night Thomas on posted on his facebook timeline: “Your princess is a f****n whore.” But we can reveal that this is a ploy by Thomas to cover for his misdeeds. In fact it is Thomas who is the whore. A male one. He cheated on our gorgeous princess with her cousin. Unimaginable really. Thomas lamented again on his official Facebook page: “I prayed for peace but what I got something else. People go

through so much but take things so far for no reason. Say things that they don’t need to say, but after a person says it so many times what do you do?” He added: “Even if you love them do you do it or keep trying, but when your wife says go to hell, then you know it’s time to just let her be.” Now Xclusive UG understands that Thomas is keen on going through a very fast divorce process.


According to one American pal, there’s no turning back. This is not the first time the pair has had issues. The pair spent Christmas and New Years apart as Komuntale was holed up in Munyonyo and Thomas back home in the States. In fact the pair only made up in April. And now it is over. Completely over!


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