Talented NTV news anchor Nancy Kacungira told close pals two months ago that she wanted ‘to get as far away as she can from Uganda’ following news that her former squeeze Ben Mwiine was set to wed her workmate Rachael Arinaitwe.

It is said that Nancy has never gotten over Mwiine and had hoped that one day, he would wed her. “She always hoped and prayed. But sadly for her it was not to be,” a close pal told us. And when Mwiine finally walked

her (Nancy) love rival and workmate Arinaitwe down the aisle last week, she wanted the world to swallow her. “It was the last she could take in.

She decided she had to get away,” the pal added. And since then she has been in touch with her people in Kenya to get her employment. And lady luck struck over the weekend when she landed the job at KTN.

Nancy handed in her resignation letter yesterday morning. Nancy has secured a juicy job in Nairobi Kenya. She will join Joy Doreen Biira another Ugandan TV presenter who quit NBS TV some years back.


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