Duke Christopher Thomas has issued an apology to Toro Kingdom and wife Princess Ruth Komuntale but insiders in the kingdom have insisted the marriage is as good as done. Last week Thomas issued a tirade of abuses aimed at gorgeous Komuntale. Thomas said that his wife is a whore and had HIV/AIDS.

However he has now come to his senses- albeit late- and claims his facebook page was hacked into; a claim the kingdom has refused to buy. According to our royal sources, Komuntale is divorcing American Thomas. This is Thomas’ apology that has been rubbished by the kingdom; “Hello friends, family,Sophie, Belle Cathy , and Kakensa Henry Ndugwa I wasn’t gone to say anything on my page because of the credibility of facebook and who is really talking behind the scenes.

I really thought this big mess would blow over but it hasn’t. To Belle Cathy and to Sophie I understand your frustration because the love you have for your First Cousin. I will not say what they said is a lie but I’m no drug dealer lol, and I do not abuse Ruth. Sometimes people write half of the truth because they hear rumors and that’s human nature.

Do Chris come from the Navy and St. Louis Yes, so I can be very direct and speak my mind, and I can have a little temper at times I’m human we are not perfect, but to say I abuse my wife for a year and we been apart for a year is a negative. Anyways I did not come on FB to write too

much but I wanted to be Honest with everyone.

I did not write those things about my wife, Ruth is no whore, she has no HIV and I know nothing about her mom and her father , only thing I know is Ruth mom is beautiful to the things on the media or things you saw on my page. I will not go into detail of how someone got my password but things happen and God bless them for all this. We learn and forgive. I was pissed off at Ruth cousins and I said something i shouldn’t have so I apologize for that.

Also I forgive the words and comments I heard toward me. They don’t know me so I understand im not tripping, but I finally want to make a statement about this whole posting situation and let this be the past and lets all move on from this. Is Ruth and I over? We are married and God willing we will stay that way.

I don’t believe in divorce and Ruth feels the same way. The big thing is long distance is a B and you have to be a strong person for that. Are we strong? time will tell, but I thank you for reading, understand and praying for Ruth and I.

Just because people change there names on facebook and dont wear rings everyday doesn’t mean things are bad it just means we like to change up…. So today is Sunday and I ask everyone to forgive, forget, and let God. Say a prayer for Ruth and I as everyone wanted this marriage to work and God wiling it will.. Thanks Duke Christopher Amooti Thomas” Watch this space!


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