Self styled king of Luga flow GNL Zamba appeared dismayed at Asylum bar Wednesday night when fans told him off. Being a campus night every Wednesday he was the guest performer but ended up being humiliated by the partiers. Flanked by his Baboon forest ganja smokers, the crew first chilled in the executive lounge of the night spot and sank themselves in all types of liquor.

The ‘big man’ even ordered for Kiggere (cow hoof) to dilute alcohol as the more and more campusers thronged dance floor. Seemingly high on weed, cigarette and booze, GNL, Nick Nola and other small fish artistes descended onto the dance floor to entertain ther impatient fans.

After performance from Nick Nola, GNL

took to the stage, but little did he know he would be humiliated, belittled and abused. He started by bragging how he has a new blockbuster song that will shake up the music industry. Before sampling the song, the music system was struck by a technical hitch affecting the sound.

He then ordered DJ Emmy to rectify the problem or he stops singing. “I want sound or I move out,” GNL started. His statement rubbed fans the wrong way and began ridiculing him how he has faded. “Go sing for baboons, your fake you shit, idiot,” people hurled insults. “This is Asylum no one f**ks us you s***t.” Fans grabbed the DJ’s microphone and continued to abuse him and he endured pain outside the bar. “GNL go work hard you’re badly off musically,” a fan advised.


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