It was just a matter of time before this group hit its first snag. This time the snag has come in form of a fellow comedian, DOLIBONDO.


Behind this funny man lies a fiery temper and, according to some, lack of respect for people. According to a highly placed source, this has created what is called Dolibondo Vs The rest of Laftaz.

Apparently problems started when Dolibondo was handed the task of manning the financial aspects of Laftaz bar as well as collecting the money, which would cater for the comedians’ allowances. Already known for a hot temper, he started being rude to comedians and waiters at the bar. This actually led to three waiters quitting the bar.

He also got a chance to meet some highly placed people among their sponsors like Mirinda, who gave him deals. Expecting money, he started living like he’s got it all. One comedian, (who asked for complete anonymity) said, “Dolibondo is just excited, yakalaba sente. Me I have seen people with money but they are calm.

To make matters worse, Comedians had not been paid in time, apparently sponsors had delayed to effect payment, so the best would have been to motivate them.

Prince Ehmah, who is the leader, apparently always found a way to make the comedians hungry for comedy. Blessed with great oratory ability, he always found a way to inspire comedians and they would actually be excited. Dolibondo on the other hand would go ahead and chop comedian’s allowances if they reported late or didn’t perform. This was a blow in the face for most comedians who asked, “Who is Dolibondo in this group?” Comedians resolved not to step on stage.

Somehow they ended up performing. Worse still, there has been a rift in the group. Dolibondo, Jonathan Kekyo (the manager)

and Bosco (one employee) are the ones always in touch with sponsors, especially in terms of money and other deals. Comedians feel there is some money exchanging hands at their expense. It is this money that is believed to have turned Dolibondo into a ‘mafia.”

Prince Ehmah, according to comedians, is the only guy who approaches ‘The Big Three’ and questions them. They forge accountability and present to Prince Ehmah who in turn calms down the comedians. One new comedian said: “Abamu tujja wano lwa Prince Ehmah. Ehmah bweyalwaala ebintu byaayononeka.”

Apparently when Prince Ehmah fell sick, the shows almost collapsed. Dolibondo who was in charge just demotivated everyone around and comedians started looking elsewhere. “Nze sili mukozi wa muntu wano, saagala omuntu okunvuma.” One comedian who comes from the west (guess) was heard saying: “We westerners are straight forward.

The day Prince Ehmah leaves this club that will be the end. That’s the only guy who cares about comedians. He calls on weekends just to check on us, but the others are just showing off.” Rumour now has it that the lack of clarity from the ‘Big Three’ coupled with the task of constantly fighting for demoralized comedians has made Ehmah contemplate retiring from Laftaz and comedy as a whole. He is also mentioning his recent poisoning as a reason to turn to something else.

Apparently several meetings have been held to convince Ehmah to hang in. The comedians however blame Prince Ehmah for always acting like all is fine and hence sitting on their grievances thinking he can solve them on his own, and they think this could have led to his frustration and rumoured resignation.

Dolibondo however says he is just misunderstood. He was heard saying, “Nze I have a bad temper buli omu akimanyi, so people should just take me as I am.” Will this group live to see it’s first birthday?


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