Move to any nightclub any day, you will bump into this girl.


Go to any concert, she will be there. She is the ultimate party animal! Ladies and gentlemen; Angella Hayley Tumusiime.

For the last three years, Angella has been an ever present fixture in Kampala partying circles. Over the three years she is rumored to have heard affairs with various singers including Ssizaman, Eddy Kenzo, Aziz Azion, Bobi Wine, Ziza Bafana among many others. Now Angella- whose impressive sex CV has also seen her bed a journalist, socialites and deejays (on top of musicians) claims that she is expecting Jamaican artiste Mr. G’s child. Mr. G was in Uganda a month ago on the invite of Bobi Wine. The pair

held a charity concert together at Cricket Oval Lugogo. Mr. G spent almost two weeks in Kampala.

Now Angella claims that while the not-so talented Jamaican musician was around, he had sex with her. We don’t know how factual this is but word in the grapevine has it that city glamour gal Angella Helyl Tumusiime is going around claiming to be baking a bun in the oven for Jamaican dancehall singer Mr G. Sources reveal that Angella had three nights with the Jamaican singer at his hotel. We can reveal that Angella was once sighted leaving Club Amnesia hand in hand with Mr. G leaving everyone wondering their relationship.

We are yet to confirm whether she is in touch with Mr. G but a source claims Bobi Wine is in control of the situation. Watch this space!


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