Police has mounted a search for one of the promoters of last week’s battle of champions Abbey Musinguzi, better known as Abtex, after he disappeared with shs20 million from the collections at last week’s Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe. Abtex disappeared with this money which was supposed to be paid to Good Lyfe.

This is actually the reason Radio and Weasel. Since the show the other promoter Benon Kasenene had

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fallen out with Abtex over the dime realized from the event. A source revealed that Abtex was no longer on talking terms with Kasenene after they developed a misunderstanding over the money. We have learnt that Kasenene took all the money that was collected from both shows and he wants to first deduct all the money he injected in the two events before sharing with Abitex, something that has sparked off the bickering.

Though the Resort beach show took place it was only Bebe Cool who performed.


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