Tomorrow (Saturday 14th)  there’s one proggie! All A list celebrities in Uganda will be heading to Ntinda at Koko Bar and Lounge as Kampala’s newest plush hangout officially opens. For starters Koko Bar and Lounge has been open to the public for close to a month. But today is the red carpet affair like never seen before in Uganda as the classiest hangout- fully equipped with the best ambience- officially opens.

All Uganda’s top celebrities including top musicians (Bebe Cool, Good Lyfe, Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Juliana Kanyomozi among many

others), big spenders like Sully Mbuga, Meddie Sentongo, Juma Seiko to mention but a few converge in their new home away from home. With the best music and the best delicious shisha flavors, Koko Bar and Lounge is your new sitting rooms.

Over 20 giant HD screens are installed to provide you the best of European Football. Ntinda is a plushy suburb of Kampala. It even has a Ministers Village, right? For over years Ntinda has deserved a hangout to match its posh standards. This bar is finally here; Koko Bar and Lounge! Come enjoy the best of entertainment as you hangout with Uganda’s top celebrities.


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