Star Jose Chameleone has been cleared of any involvement in the death of one Robert Karamagi at his home in Seguku. Robert Karamagi, 27, died at the musician’s home on December 26, 2012.

It was alleged at the time that Karamagi- who has a mental disturbance- had burnt himself to death though a section of people thought he had been burnt to death by Chameleone and his gang. Since then, a file had been opened at the Director of Public Prosecution’s office and investigations have been ongoing.

All this time Chameleone and his family insisted that Karamagi was a thief who had invaded their house in

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Seguku and after a bitter exchange with Daniella (Chameleone’s wife) he set himself ablaze. Chameleone even went ahead to parade a laptop, flat TV screen and phones, as items that Karamagi had allegedly stolen before being apprehended by Daniella. And it looks like Chameleone’s story of events has prevailed.

Info reaching our desk indicates that the case file has been closed after finding the Tubonge singer not guilty of any offence. “We re- evaluated all the evidence, but its contradicting and inconsistent. We have not found any evidence and therefore we directed the police to close the file,” Ms Jane Kabugo, the DPP spokesperson said over the weekend. Chameleone can now live a normal life again. The singer had abandoned his home following the incident.

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