one on one with Diziza

XclusiveUg: Who is Diziza?

Dizza: Diziza aka Nsimbe Isaac Zizinga is a multi talented and celebrated dancehall artiste born in Lubowa Seguku 23 years ago but raised up in Entebbe Kitala, a first born among three and very hard working.

XclusiveUg: When did you start singing?

Dizza: I started singing officially and commercially last year in the BulletProof Entertainment with my single ‘Nantale’ and later did a duet with AK47 ‘Gal ah Bubble”, ‘Bagala Diziza’ and now ‘One more Time’ a dancehall tune that is beating the air waves, streets and night clubs of Kampala.

XclusiveUg: Educationally where is Diziza?

Dizza: I completed a Bachelors Degree in Information Techinology at Nkumba University last year and one of my greatest achievements in life so far.

XclusiveUg: How did you manage balancing books and music?

Dizza: Actually in life at a certain point one has to dedicate himself to certain issues, I had to program my self, like during day I would concentrate on books and when it came to night time then music could take its cost something think that wasn’t easy for me though.

XclusiveUg: Which sex style are you more comfortable?

Dizza: Ha-ha… that would be doggy style.

XclusiveUg: What is the difference between Bulletproof and Leone Isand?

Dizza: Bulletproof is a singing group managed by AK47 and me the Vice president under the Leone Island Limited. Leone Island is broad and is made up of sectors namely ‘Island Events’, ‘Chameleone Foundation’, ‘Chameleone Mobile’ and so many others that I wouldn’t mention anti URA issues.

XclusiveUg: How did you start to sing with AK47?

Dizza: Actually we where in Gurvnor when I had

a certain mental that was being played by Selector Jay, I rehearsed it with him as we were drinking, it was so nice that we decided to go to studio the next day and recorded the maddest dancehall hit Uganda had never had in the last century “Gal ah Bubble!!!”

XclusiveUg: Where do you get the gals you put in videos?

Dizza: There are many music dancing groups in town; so I hire them and give them the songs to rehearse before video shoot. I pay them according to the terms and conditions agreed upon.

XclusiveUg:  Any challenges in your career?

Dizza: Probably that would be management. Promoting the music, looking for the shows and all that is done by me myself a thing that is different to other young artistes like me who have managers. It takes a lot to do the singing and the management of the music solo handedly.

XclusiveUg: Are you beefing any one?

Dizza: I beef no body but they beef me.

XclusiveUg: And why would they beef you yet you don’t beef any one?

Dizza: Because I am young, making money and terribly talented. My fans can testify.

XclusiveUg: On what conditions does Chameleone pay you?

Dizza: I am paid at every after a show that is no show, no payment period. “Tugende Tukole!!!”

XclusiveUg: Do you have any business outside music?

Dizza: Yes of course, I am a journalist and own a bar in Seguku called ‘GAZA’.

XclusiveUg: Any last word to your fans out there?

Dizza: I would like to thank them for the support and love they have shown me at this tender start in my career and never to stop because more is on its way, more jams more entertainment. I love them so much.


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