Singer Cindy Sanyu has told pals that she could not stand Mario Brunette’s racist abuses anymore.

The Nkooye Amateeka star insists she wanted her relationship with Mario to work out and blames him for driving her to other men. According to close pals Cindy has been facing racial abuses ever since 2007 when she met her Italian/Spaniard boyfriend. The pair has a five year old child together. Though that is the best thing to ever happen to Cindy her entire life, she did not achieve it easily.

“Mario is badly behaved towards blacks. Cindy has had enough and had to call it quits. It pains her so much because she had really wanted this to work out. She wanted her child to grow up with both her parents in her life but for now that won’t be happening,” her close pal told this website.

These racist accusations against Mario won’t come as a surprise to most people who have been at Bukoto based bar Cayenne, where he is the manager. There’s clear racial segregation at this bar with blacks having to pay entrance fee. Whites swagger in. These latest revelations come just a day after Mario insisted Cindy Sanyu never respected him and failed to play her part as the wife in their family. Through her facebook page, Cindy revealed that she was single, meaning her roller-coaster romance with former barber Mario had come to a what most people will see as an abrupt end. Cindy posted: “I don’t

know how to say this so I will just say it. I’m single again.”

Xclusive UG understands that for the last six months, Cindy and Mario have been having more arguments than harmony in their relationship. While Cindy is a singing mother and is always busy most nights with performances, Mario is a bar manager and spends most of his time at his work place at Cayenne Bar.

Mario claims that ‘stardom’ had gotten to Cindy’s head.’ She never respected him, he claims. He told us: “A man is a man. He is entitled to f**k but of course must respect his family.” He added: “However much Cindy is a celeb, I am a man and she must bow for me.” However it seems Cindy had other ideas and decided to go a spree with various city fellas.

For example around two weeks ago, Cindy was in Silk Oxygen busy kissing a yet to be identified bald headed fella. This guy was in the company of Good Lyfe’s Weasel. Then we noted that Cindy felt very comfortable putting up the public display of affection even when she knew us as journalists. She completely didn’t give a damn. Some sections of media have suggested that for months Cindy has been dating a certain South Africa based fella identified as Kenny.

Meanwhile it is also claimed that Mario has been seeing various clients at Cayenne Bar.

We have now learnt that the two are working on the custody of their only child.


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