Reports continue to indicate that music label The Good Lyfe will split soon following disagreements between crew members. For the last few years there have been rumors of bad blood boiling in the camp but somehow the members have always been intact with no one getting out. Well maybe apart from the not so important Red Banton, Diamond Oscar and Gift Ov Kaddo who quit over the years.

The spine of Good Lyfe is Moze Radio and Weasel TV, then the managers Jeff Kiwanuka, Allan Kiwanuka and producer Bushington. But lately there’s a strong conviction by some sources that Radio and Jeff are no longer on talking terms and this could finally lead to the split of the members.

It is known that over the years Radio has never liked the fact that Jeff earns as much as they (Radio and Weasel) do from any

contracts they get. And recently their almost- not-there relationship has hit rock bottom after Jeff publicly critsized Radio for opening a bar in Wandegeya. Ever since the bar was launched almost a month ago, Radio spends over fifteen hours supervising works at the bar, something Jeff doesn’t approve.

As a result the two have badly fallen out that it is believed there’s no turning back. It has also been suggested that the recent Weasel/Radio reconciliation with nemesis Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone did not go well with Jeff who believes the biff was good for their creativity and media attention. Sources further reveal that Jeff has silently accepted that Radio wants out and could get his wish.

However a source tells us that Jeff insists that the crew is not splitting and has set 2 May as the launch for their latest album titled Ntuga Tuga at Hotel Africana.

Watch this space!


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