Singer Rabadaba, real names Faisal Seguya, has defied doctors’ orders and gone back to heavy drinking, just days after collapsing. The singer was last week strongly advised by medics to give partying a two months break or risk losing his life. This was after his collapse at Club Venom a few weeks ago.

The Love Portion collapsed after consuming almost a liter of Black Label. But the Love Portion singer seems unconcerned by the docs orders and is back to his usual drinking. The singer was pictured drowning pints of beer at the beach on Monday afternoon. Clearly he looked unconcerned as he consumed the Heineken bottles of beer.

Ever since he abandoned his Information Technology degree course at Makerere University

around 2006, Rabadaba has been a permanent fixture on the social scene. He is known for always being the last man standing at every event and happening bar. However, last weekend his friends realised how much stamina he has lost when he collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital.

Now medics have warned him that he risks losing his life and advised him to take a break from not only partying but even work. It had also been noted that he has psychological problems and these could be related to the death of one Rasta Thaddeus Buyigo, who died from wounds inflicted upon him by Rabadaba when he stabbed him in 2011. Now his wife’s family is expected to fly him out of the country.


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