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Good Lyfe singer Moze Radio and Weasel TV have agreed to continue working together but terminate all their running contracts/arrangements with their manager Jeff Kiwanuka, Xclusive UG can authoritatively reveal. The singers sat last week and agreed to do away with Jeff whom they have always accused of mismanagement. Earlier Moze Radio was secretly contemplating legal redress againstJeff for impersonation and forgery, we can reveal.

However he was advised against it. For sometime now Radio- real names Moses Sekibogo- has sought legal advice from top legal experts on how to handle Jeff who is believed to have diddled the singing partners (Radio and Weasel) land worth millions of shillings.

There have been rumors of tension and unrest in the Makindye based singing camp. It was earlier strongly claimed that the group is on the verge of collapse though members have been putting up brave faces in public. Manager Jeff Kiwanuka, it was discovered, has been playing the singers.

Radio and Weasel were shocked to learn that all the time they had been working as slaves to Jeff. Jeff cornered Radio and Weasel and convinced them to quit mentor Dr. Jose Chameleone’s Leone Island Crew and form their own group. The pair accepted his idea and they separated from Chameleone’s Leone Island Crew to start The Good Lyfe Crew.

Jeff Kiwa

It must be noted that even this name was coined

by Jeff confusing or rather advising the musicians that after quitting Chameleone’s camp, the pair would live a good life from Chameleone’s exploitative bad life. Since the two boys were talented, they kicked off on a great note with hits like Nakudata topping charts. They minted money in plenty.

They bought posh cars, expensive jeans and bling. Surely they were living a good life. Sometime in 2009 a plot located just opposite their rented residence in Makindye was on sale. Jeff advised the singers to sell off their posh cars and buy the plot. Since they respected and adored him, they hurriedly sold the cars and bought the land.

The plot was bought and registered in Good Lyfe’s names. At least that’s what the singers thought. However Jeff went behind the singers back and registered the plot in his names something that has sparked off the break up.

We hear for all this time the singers were not aware of the rip off until few months back when Moze Radio visited the land board to certify the authenticity of the land title they have as the Good Lyfe. He almost collapsed at the land board on discovering that the land was registered in Jeff Kiwanuka’s names.

The land title he had presented them a few years back was a counterfeit from Nasser Road. And this is what Radio is mainly championing. Now Radio is silently talking to lawyers to find out if there’s any chance against Jeff in case he goes to court. But for now the boys have parted ways with Jeff.


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