HAPPENING NOW... URA Okays Chameleone Tubonge Concert After Staking His Car

Dr. Jose Chameleone’s Tubonge Concert will go on today as planned after the singer handed over his Escalade car valued at shs60 million to officials from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). A few minutes ago, officials from URA had sealed off the concert venue demanding for their money in tax arrears.

A few days ago, we revealed how tax governing body Uganda Revenue Authority has threatened to stop star singer Jose Chameleone’s Tubonge album launch if he doesn’t clear his tax arrears. Allen Kagina’s men at URA ordered the singer to pay shs47 million or else he won’t be allowed to go on with preparations

and show.

URA Okays Chameleone Tubonge Concert After Staking His Car

According to URA officials, Chameleone is supposed to pay shs47 million in taxes. “These are arrears for the last two years,” said a source at the Nakawa based tax governing body.

The tax body insists that this is tax from Chameleone’s calculated earnings for only the last two years. When contacted, the singer told Xclusive UG that he had no problem with this arrangement but insisted that URA must provide the criteria at which they came to that figure. “I know as Uganda citizen I must pay my taxes but one thing I want to know is how is it shs47 million?” the singer wondered.


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