Top singing group Eagles Production has split with some members forming Golden Production, we can reliably reveal.

Insiders have told us that band members led by Mesach Semakula have left and formed the new band Golden Production after accusing fellow band member and director Geoffrey Lutaya of ‘stealing’ their money and investing it in his wife and also band member Irene Namatovu.

The quitters include;

of course Mesach, Ronald Mayinga, Stecia Mayanja, Catherine Kusasira, Hajji Sekamatte and Fred Seruga. Only Geoffrey Lutaya and his wife Irene Namatovu have remained in Eagles. Recently Lutaya and Namatovu threw a mega wedding ceremony. It is believed the couple used Eagles money to fulfill their official bonking mission.

Last year Haruna Mubiru also quit the band and formed Kream Production after accusing directors of greed and harassment. Mayinja, Mesach, Sekamate, Serugga and Lutaya have all been directors in Eagles Production.

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