Gareth Onyango Of Venom

Gareth Onyango Of Venom

Celebrated MC Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats has blasted his pal Club Venom manager Gareth Onyango telling off to respect Uganda musicians because ‘they are the ones who pay him.” He has even quit Venom to that effect.

There feud stems from the ongoing battle between local musicians and deejays. While Kats has been a strong advocate of local music Gareth insists that deejays have a right to play any music and from any country they wish.

Recently Gareth posted:

“U can’t champion a good cause by spreading hate, I know Ugandan musicians want Nigerian music flashed out and replaced with Ugandan Music but how is this going to happen? Last nyt my friend Mc Kats was out and about clubs and bars abusing Nigerians and there music.

Qn is have Nigerians ever come here and asked any dj, radio or tv station to play there music? Its these same Ugandans who kwetumikirizad n started playing Nigerian songs.. Before u start abusing Nigerians deal with the ugandans and how do u deal with the Ugandan djs who play niger music by?? abusing them?? Kats u might be championing a good cause but ur

also slowly and steadily promoting hate for ugandan music. The best way is to work with all stake holders.don’t let ur emotions ruin ur gd cause. Also know that ugandans are now well exposed u won’t expect them to listen to crapy music yet balaba ebyakabi ku Mtv & trace.

If our music is so gd why ls it not on rotation on Mtv and trace? Well thts not the main point. The main point is producing good music, gd music pushes it self. U won’t have to force anyone to play it.

Kats ur not a musician, let the artists be at the forefront if this fight it would be more credible!” This has rubbed Kats the wrong way forcing him to tell off Gareth.

Mc Kats During One Of his Sessions

Mc Kats During One Of his Sessions

Kats shot back: “Am gona attack whoeva wth wateva power I hve coz u hve no idea wat we hve gone thru to b here.. Hve made up my mind I retired frm mcing in nite clubs bt am gona di it 4 free if ur club cn gve me 1hour of ug music…” Kats has been working with Gareth at Club Venom.


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