Zani Brown takes a pose

Zani Brown takes a pose

Gyemukweeka star Zani Brown recently stirred up a drama at Serena Hotel when she fell to her knees before Dr Hilderman and proceeded to beg him to at least do one collabo with her.

When the embarassed Dr Hilderman refused to do the collabo, Zani started crying, pleading with Hilderman to save her so that at least she has a new hit song.

She even vowed there and then that at least she would pay for the audio studio and pay

also for the video recording, in addition to paying Hilderman sh800, 000 to compose the song.

Embarased by the all the onlookers who had even forgotten their dinner just to watch them, Dr Hilderman finally agreed.

He lifted Zani Brown off her feet and took her to a dark corner where they kept on discussing till late into the night. Snoops say that the two left together hand in hand and headed to god knows where.

However, whatever their discussion, it seems she managed to get the better of Hilderman for he has already penned the duet, Y’asinga which will be released out of the Y2 studios anytime soon.

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