HEAVY; Ruth Komuntale (As Sourced from Hello Ug)

HEAVY; Ruth Komuntale

Recently we told of how Princess Komuntale changed face her complexion as was with Bad Black. Well, according to a source at Hello Uganda, a local Newspaper tabloid , the Princess is proudly expecting  in five months to come. This same source told us that the princess who has lately been in and out of relationships is believed to have swallowed the live seed early this year.

The same Newspaper also wrote that the princess who has preferred to stay out of the limelight is currently  staying quietly at King Oyo’s home in Munyonyo and at times travels to Fort Portal at night. “Unlike in the previous days, these days  she confined herself indoors. The only time she has been going out is at night to withdraw money at an ATM located at Garden city or she is trying to kill boredom by hanging out with her pals. Even when she is with them, she doesn’t drink serious hard liquor like she used to do. By the way even when she is out, she makes sure she is covering herself in huge clothes, coats or jackets. She these days moves with an old woman who is acting like her isenkati(senga) to keep reminding her on how women in her condition take themselves.

The pregnancy has changed her so much that you might think she is bleaching whereas she is not. She is actually showing all signs of weakness. She is always tired and her mood swings can clearly tell the whole story. Even her breasts by the way, they are bulging each day.

She has been restrained so much from traveling because she becomes nausea thereafter. That’s why she always has her Senga with her these days. She usually goes to South Africa once in a while to meet her close friend and then comes back home. She actually went a few days ago,” our Tooro kingdom palace source explained.

Gorgeous Princess Komuntale then
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Gorgeous Princess Komuntale then