Jeff Kiwanuka

Jeff Kiwanuka

Jeff Kiwanuka believes Jose Chameleone is the root cause of all Good Lyfe problems, Xclusive UG has learnt.

Sources tell us that Jeff believes that Chameleone’s reunion with Moze Radio and Weasel after the battle of champions against rival Bebe Cool was the start of the collapse of Good Lyfe.

At the battle of champions at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, Chameleone publicly supported Radio and Weasel. After the battle the two rivaling

camps (Chameleone’s and Radio/Weasel’s) publicly buried their biff and made up.



Since then Radio has been disrespectful to Jeff, according to sources.

Jeff believes Chameleone has been feeding Radio with poisonous information which seems to have got into his head. Ever since then, Radio’s attitude towards Jeff has been negative.

Currently the trio (Jeff, Radio, Weasel) are battling over the house they own. Radio wants it sold while Jeff is against it. Weasel is undecided.



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