A Good Lyfe member could die in the next 100 days, a top pastor has prophesied. Lately the Good Lyfe has been embroiled in bitter scandal with physical fights rocking the group. Majorly former manager Jeff Kiwanuka and talented singer Moze Radio are at the centre of the deadly battles. As a result various members of the crew have shown loyalty leading to the major split.

Now the pastor who is also a top marketer is worried payback time has finally come.

He (Pastor) told us: “Death is round the corner. I didn’t want to be so blunt but fame has a payback period.

You can count 100 days someone will die.”

The Pastor, also a born again socialite, revealed that the problem with the general music industry in Uganda is that sorcery and witchcraft supersede rational thinking in decision making among the music industry players.

class="wp-caption-text">Radio being arrested last week