Desire on stage

Desire on stage

Time check 9:30PM. Desire Luzinda concert is yet to kick off. Reason? An important guest is not yet at the venue.

A quick check shows that most of the seats are already covered at the Serena Hotel but a few tables are yet to be filled.

But there’s one specific table. Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala’s.

As soon as Seya steps in, Desire gets on stage and kick starts her amazing performance.

Meanwhile Major Juma Seiko, the man who claims to be the father of Desire’s daughter, sneaks in as the lady of the night performs.

He too has his table. But MC of the night Roger Mugisha is under strict orders not to publicly recognize his presence.

Clearly Desire loves Seya more than Seiko. When she performs her sweet songs, she is looking at Seya. For the hate songs, it is Seiko. At one point she even performs TLC’s Never Be The Same Again and everyone can clearly see she is aiming at Seiko. Ofcourse Seiko seems undisturbed as he pulls off his jolly face, his usual composed smile.

This seems to anger Desire more.

No wonder at one point he picked a rose, walked to Seiko’s table briefly, then rushed to Seya and handed it to him before the pair got to the dance floor and danced for a few minutes.

At least she had gotten one over Seiko because he looked infuriated. No wonder he (Seiko) summoned MC Roger and offered him shs20 million to speak about Desire’s child.

Roger politely turned down the offer. But Seiko was still adamant that ten year old Michelle is his daughter.

“Look at Michelle, she is as fat as me. That’s Sebei blood,” he

told Hello! Uganda team.

Meanwhile Michael Kaddu, the official dad of Michelle was in the house too. But he kept a rather low profile as he enjoyed the night with Buganda Kingdom’s Prince David Wasajja.


Meanwhile Desire Luzinda once again proved why she is a major force with men as she pulled off a hugely successful album launch at the Serena Hotel. The curvy singer displayed her thighs for all to see and men certainly enjoyed every moment.

The likes of Major Juma Seiko, former Mayor Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala, Godfrey Kirumira, Michael Kaddu, Nigerian Franklin- all who had been rumored to have dated the curvy singer at one point- were in the house as she pelted out her hits.

Other notable guests in the house included; Hon. John Byagambi, Hon. Ronald Kibuule, Prince David Wasajja, Moze Radio, Weasel TV, Sophie of Rotary Club, top Pepsi officials, Galaxy FM boss Innocent Nahabwe, NBS TV boss Kin Kariisa, Captain Mike Mukula among others.

Though Desire’s performance started a little late, it was worth the wait as she produced one of the most amazing live performances. Clad in only revealing attires, Desire went about her business with an unbelievable performance, partly thanks to Silk Events the providers of the sound.

Since it was mainly a charity event meant to help the kids of Ibanda Babies Home in western Uganda, the MCs of the night Roger Mugisha and Daggy Nice engaged the crowd on most occasions. No wonder over shs50 million was raised from the revelers. All this money will go to the charity home.

Some of the contributors included; Kirumira (shs1M), Seiko (shs1.5M), Kin Kariisa (shs1M), Mike Mukula (shs500k), Hon. Kibule (shs1M), Hon. Byabagambi (shs5M), Prince Wasajja (shs1M), Ssebagala (shs1M), Nahabwe (shs1M running every year), Pepsi (shs1M running every year), Sophie (100 bags of rice) among so many other generous contributors.


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