Frail Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has revealed a secret that him and singer Sheebah Karungi have been in touch for a decade.

Mao was overheard bragging to close pals how he started seeing Sheebah when she was in the defunct music group The Obsessions.

He went ahead to say that he even offered financial support at the time when the Ice Cream singer’s wallet was bleeding.



Mao, a strong fan of local female

artistes, said that he believed one day Sheeba would be on top of the music scene. And this is the time.

“I didn’t give up I remained there for her, I had a feeling that she would make and indeed I am the happiest person on planet earth seeing her dominate the industry,” Mao said.

To that effect, Mao said that he is lobbying for Sheeba to become the

face of the war victims in Northern Uganda.

“We had Angella Katatumba and Jackie Chandiru. All those have come and gone and now we need a new face. Therefore I want Sheeba to become the ambassador of post war Northern Uganda,” the popular politician- also a lawyer- said.



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