Alex Ndaula

Alex Ndaula

Veteran radio presenter Alex Ndaula believes Ugandans these days don’t know how to party.

This comes after talkative businessman Frank Gashumba ranted on facebook how Uganda youths have resorted to partying hard.

Gashumba posted: “The Youth in their early 20’s in Uganda party and drink from Monday to Monday!!! Honestly what are u guys celebrating?”

But Ndaula seems to disagree with Gashumba claiming people used to party harder back in the day.

Ndaula posted: “Fact is people in the 80 & 90’s partied MUCH HARDER! Nowadays clubs don’t happen ’til midnight. Back in the day, when I was just starting out, club would be rocking by 9pm! The

term ‘paka morning’ started back then! Partying these days is weak according to me! For real! Just posers! They don’t even jam!”

He further went on: “Choosy on their music even when the groove line is being laid down! Experts & foreigners party harder than we do! We just drink harder!

What happened to ‘Can I get you home with me tonight?!’ Nowadays you are asking that question @ 4am! Back then, you’d be asking round midnight!”

“And you’d sleep, say ‘Good morning properly’ & have ‘breakfast in bed’! Nowadays……….hmmm! Home, ziki ’til midday! And then! Maybe you get.”

These days………………………….no ‘disappearances’ during club or kabaga where there would be ‘reappearances’ later! HA. FACT! Young ladies have become street smart & their corresponding guys have lost their ‘swag’! Big gap being filled!

Sadly, No focus!”


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